Whether it be building a website or bringing awareness to your product, there is no shortage of talent. We can speak from experience having witnessed all the amazing work that our members do for our customers!

Finding that talent is another story, and that’s where StuDev comes in.

When you work with us, it is more than just a transaction. It is an experience that we hope you will find productive and fulfilling. We want to earn and maintain your trust in us as your goto destination for whatever your organizational needs may be.

So how do we work to achieve this?

  • We keep it personalized

No one size fits all. When you bring a project to us, we do the pre-work to ensure we understand what you are looking for so that deliverables are to your satisfaction.

More importantly, we also aim to anticipate what you may need in the future.

In most cases, what we’re asked to do isn’t just a one-off. There’s a bigger picture involved, and we want to understand that so that the decisions we make today position you (and us) well for decisions in the future.

  • We keep it upfront

Nobody likes surprises, at least the people we know don’t. Before you even sign your name on the dotted line, we want to make sure you are clear on what we do.

  • We keep it flexible

The students who work with us have experience and expertise in many programming languages, frameworks, and tools, which makes us extremely agile to get the job done.

Because we have depth in skill sets, it gives us flexibility in the event that a student we connect you with finds themselves unable to continue working and ensures that the flow of work continues, despite their absence.

We are also flexible with personnel because the student who work with us are global! Our ability to cover such a large range of timezones means we can work with you from wherever you may be and offer around-the-clock work if necessary to get the job done.

Ultimately, we take pride in quality work for our customers, and we always want to get work done right the FIRST TIME. There is nothing better than seeing our efforts at work doing good for the people and communities around us.