PLEASE READ: if due to extenuating circumstances you require a different compensation than the one we present below, we will be happy to discuss!

Before a project gets underway, we want to make sure you understand the costs involved. Once we agree upon the price, that’s the price you’ll pay at the end.

That’s right: no hidden fees. No surprises. The price you see is what you’ll get.

So, without further ado, here are the details!

  • We charge hourly, but billable hours are determined before signing

Although this approach may seem no different than charging a flat fee for a project, we find that it allows everyone involved to have a more forward and detailed conversation about your request and the amount of work involved.

This more granular approach also helps to align expectations and end goals. We have in some cases found that customers could achieve their end goals through different, and often cheaper, methods than the ones they were requesting us to do.

  • BASE FEE: $25 / hour

This is the minimum hourly rate that we set to ensure good compensation for our members.

  • SKILL MARKUP: Negotiable

All of our members will be talented, but their skill sets may not exactly be the same. Some may be better website developers. Others may be better at developing iOS apps. Therefore, their capacity to complete a project will vary.

Depending on their experience level, members may request additional money per hour above the base fee to compensate for their time. That being said, we do ask that members balance this markup with respect to your available financial resources. We are here to gain your trust in us, not to gauge your checkbook!

  • PLATFORM MARKUP: 50% - 50% split

We advertise our services and receive payment through a variety of channels, each of which may charge fees for processing payment or facilitating your collaboration with us. Because choice of channel is mutually beneficial for both parties, it is only fair that we both bear the costs of such a selection.

We will apply this markup with respect to the sum of the BASE FEE and SKILL MARKUP described above. The equation for the markup is as follows: if we retain x% of the payment after fees, the markup on the sum will be:

$$ \frac{100 - x}{100 + x} $$

If you’re curious how we came up with this formula, here is how we did it.

For example, if we retain 80% of the payment after fees, and there is a SKILL MARKUP of $5, we will markup the total cost by the following percentage:

$$ \frac{100 - 80}{100 + 80} = \frac{20}{180} $$

$$ = 0.111 \ldots $$

$$ \approx 11.1 \% $$

If we apply this markup, the new hourly rate would be:

$$ (\$25 + \$5) * (1 + 0.111\ldots) $$

$$ \approx \$33.33 $$