Title says it all: no hidden fees. No surprises. The price you see is what you’ll get.

So, without further ado, here are the details!

  • All prices described below are subject to a markup that helps cover costs for advertising our services and receiving payment through various processors.

In most cases, you should expect that markup to be around 1.8%.

Consultation (FREE!)

When you reach out to us, we work with you to best understand your requirements. We then evaluate our students based on in part the following criteria:

  • Their experience in the skills needed for your requirements
  • Their conduct with prior employers, especially customers of StuDev
  • Their ability to address any of your future business and development goals

The last part is crucial because that is part of our focus in personalization and better understanding in how the work needs to get done.

Unless we communicate otherwise, you should expect < 12 hour response time on initial outreach and about 24 - 48 hours response time on students for your project.

Students (PAID)

Once we have identified students that match your requirements, we also take the time to make sure that they will be properly engaged with the project - we don’t want you to waste time for example speaking with a student who has the qualifications but not the time to complete your work!

Once that happens, we will provide information about these students so you can choose how many you wish to speak with. Note that at this stage, no personally identifiable information (PII) will be provided unless you wish to speak with them.

When deciding on the number, the pricing breaks down as follows:

Number of Students Price Per Student
1 - 5 $5.00
Each One Above 5 $3.00

For example, if you request to speak with 4 students, it would cost:

$$ 4 * \$5 = \$20 $$

If you request to speak with 6 students, it would cost:

$$ 5 * \$5 + (6 - 5) * \$3 = \$28 $$

Agreements (PAID)

Should you wish to move forward with a particular student(s), you will need to set up some agreement with them with regards to the work itself and compensation for it. You can of course provide your own agreement, or we are happy to provide one ourselves after you answer some questions.

Our agreements are structured to provide the following:

  • IP assignment and NDA

  • Enumeration of deliverables and pricing for each

In general, student pricing is around $25 an hour, and the exact figures can be discussed when creating the agreements. That way there are no surprises!

When deciding on the number of agreements, the pricing breaks down as follows:

Number of Students Price Per Student
1 $5.00
Each One Above 1 $1.50

For example, if you request agreements for 1 student, it would cost:

$$ 1 * \$5 = \$5 $$

If you request agreements for 3 students, it would cost:

$$ 1 * \$5 + (3 - 1) * \$1.50 = \$8 $$

Please note that we can provide customizations and revisions BEFORE you start.

Returning clients may be eligible for discounts. Please inquire when reaching out.

Management (PAID)

We are always happy to provide general questions about our service. However, will charge the following for specific help with your particular project:

  • Questions about and modifications of your contract (if provided by StuDev).

  • Weekly check-ins to gauge progress and feedback to allow for immediate turn-around to address any potential issues with students on your project.

  • Detailed invoices for your records, total cost breakdowns for each student, as well as straightforward instructions on how to pay each student you work with.

If needed, we can also help each student have a W-9 (or W-4) prepared so you can properly distribute a 1099 (or W-2) come time for taxes.

Pricing for this service is the MAXIMUM of $15 and 4.8% of total contract value.