As illustrated by our work, our members cover a wide variety of skill sets. If we believe a member is a good fit for your project, then we have good reasons to believe that. We would not propose for you to work with members that have a questionable capacity to get the job done.

That being said, you don’t need to take our word for it. You are more than welcome to speak with our members so you can understand with whom you could be working as well as how their backgrounds and expertise align with your needs.

However, what we do ask is that you use proper discretion when determining how long to vet them. Keep in mind that our members can be re-assigned to other projects, and they can choose to switch projects, especially if the other project has a stronger commitment and/or project velocity in getting work done.

We also request that you DO NOT ask our members to perform any work that would directly or indirectly be doing work to achieve your business objectives.

Our members' time is valuable and deserves to be compensated, and this type of vetting would go against our emphasis of transparency.

You may ask them to give their verbal thoughts on the objectives you are trying to achieve, but they should not be asked to do any work towards those objectives until agreements have officially been signed.

Beyond their capabilities and skill sets, we do expect our members to be transparent regarding availability and communication. Please refer to our conduct page for more details on that expectation.

In the event that one member is unable to provide consistent availability, we would be happy to expand the team of members you work with. Remember, per our pricing, all you are doing is paying for their time.

There are no additional fees for getting an extra member. All you pay for is the time spent with these members for your work.