Past work of the students who work with us is vast. Here are some highlights!


  • A novel social networking platform with a greater emphasis on privacy and user data ownership. Contained premium content that had active, paying users.

  • A machine learning model that helped a bank to automate their loan approval process and increase their accuracy on loan approvals by 20%.

  • A platform (website and mobile app) that connected patients with their primary care providers from anywhere in the event of a serious medical emergency.

  • An autonomous vehicle leveraging cloud-based text-to-speech that could allow people with disabilities to control and drive a car.

  • Distributed cloud infrastructure for managing a sensor network that monitored global air quality. Supplemented by machine learning for poor weather conditions.

  • Data analytics for a hotel services company that resulted in over three million saved in operational costs and over a million in additional revenue.

  • NLP algorithms to automatically triage and distribute support tickets at scale that achieved an accuracy rate that was substantially higher than random.

Previous places of employment: Qualcomm, Facebook, Google, Agoda, NASA


  • Raising money through email marketing and on the-ground campaigns to help a non-profit improve educational opportunities for under-served communities.

  • Designing and distributing promotional materials to promote local businesses, community events, and public gatherings.

  • Campaigning, marketing, and event planning to further develop a chapter of a national non-profit at their school through targeted and strategic outreach

Previous places of employment: San Diego Housing Commission, Teach for America