Before we begin, we should preface that our expectations are not super stringent.

That’s in part by design. Your commitment to us is not a full-time job, and we are designed to flexible around your schedule. So just what do we require then?

  • LET US BE CLEAR: when it comes to things like your personal well-being or school, you shouldn’t have to choose between those and StuDev

Sound familiar? Indeed: it’s exactly what we said in the overview.

That’s because we take work-life balance (i.e. between StuDev and everything else) seriously that it bears repeating not just for you, but for our customers as well.

We are investing in you, your personal development, and your success. If we (or a customer) forced you to sacrifice things like school or your health for StuDev, that would only serve to hurt that investment for ill-gotten, short-term gains.

  • ONE CAVEAT: do not use the previous point to shirk customer duties!

When you agree to a project and its tasks, it is your responsibility to complete them. By undertaking a project, you are letting us (and the customer) know that your current obligations allow you to take on this additional work.

That being said, we know things happen. We wouldn’t be able to be flexible if we were not cognizant of this possibility. This takes us to our next point:

  • Keep people in the loop

Whether it be getting back to a customer or informing us that you cannot continue working with a customer, clear and effective communication, especially in writing, is crucial to success of our customers and this organization.

There are many reasons why this is the case, but here are a couple:

  • It keeps customers aware that we still value their business.
  • It helps us better coordinate time, resources, and personnel with customers.

If you are working with a customer, we have slightly more detailed requirements with regards to communication, which you can find on our conduct page.

  • It is pay-as-you-work

If you do good work for a customer, you get paid for time spent! Simple as that.

Don’t have the bandwidth to do work for customers? No problem. You may not get paid, but you can take care of whatever obligations you have. No harm, no foul.

StuDev is meant to be a super flexible option that allows students to make good money when they can but give customers continued service on their projects by assigning available, qualified members when needed.

  • Working with a customer? Refer to our conduct page for additional requirements.

We take customer satisfaction and high-quality service very seriously, and we expect all of our StuDev members working with customers to abide by those.

And that’s it! Now didn’t we say our expectations were not super stringent?