We highly value the work you do for our customers, and we make sure that you get compensated for what you deserve. It’s how we came up with our pricing.

We recommend checking out the page for more details, but if you’re not able to at the moment, here’s how it fits into how we pay you:

  • Pricing starts at $25 / hour

We tell you that you will be paid at least twice the average rate because we charge more than twice that rate to ensure it. You are talented students, and your time is valuable. Compensation should reflect that.

  • Experience counts

One of the markups on the BASE FEE of $25 / hour is related to how experienced you are in the subject area of the customer request, also known as the SKILL MARKUP.

More experience makes your time more valuable, and the compensation can and should be adjusted to reflect and reward that prior work.

This is a largely member-driven markup though, so we also look to you to exercise discretion when negotiating it. We understand your time is valuable, but don’t go overboard just to make an extra buck.

More often than not, it’s better in the long-run to have a returning customer than a one-and-done because it often means we are granted larger projects to tackle as well as develop a better relationship with the customer.

  • We take a 6% cut of what we charge the customer

We invest a lot of man-hours behind the scenes interfacing with (potential) customers as well as coordinating logistics and personnel resources. That’s because we want you to focus on doing good work for the customer.

The other reason we do this is because it aligns incentives: we win only when you do.

Our interest is investing you and your success, and our revenue structure should therefore reflect that and reward us for achieving that goal with each and every member.

So what does that cut mean for you? (this is where reading about customer pricing helps, as we will dive into those details without a lot of explanation)

If we retain x% of payment after transaction fees, relative to the hourly rate charged (defined in this case as $25 plus the SKILL MARKUP), we will pay you the following percentage of that rate:

$$ \Bigg(1 + \frac{100 - x}{100 + x} \Bigg) * (x - 6) = $$

$$ 200 * \frac{x - 6}{x + 100} = $$

For example, if we retain 80% of the payment after fees, we will pay you the following percentage of the hourly rate:

$$ 200 * \frac{80 - 6}{80 + 100} = 200 * \frac{74}{180} $$

$$ = 82.222 \ldots $$

$$ \approx 82.2 \% $$

Thus, if the SKILL MARKUP is $10 / hour, the hourly rate is $35 / hour, and the hourly rate we would pay you would be:

$$ 35 * 0.822 \ldots $$

$$ \approx \$28.78 $$

We always aim to keep our payment transparent and clear for our members, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for clarification!